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21 October 2009

Car Painting

Monkey loved this. We got out some cars that I guessed would be pretty washable (look out for complex tires with deep grooves in them!), drove them in paint, then drove them on the paper. Monkey loved it. This is definitely a repeater project! Though as you might notice from the picture, Mom has a bit of a problem with proportion: 7 colors is too many. We'll stick with 3 or 4 that blend well next time.

But even with a whole lot of colors it was a fun project. Monkey even survived getting his hands messy. Though by the end of the project I'd taken away all his clothes to wash paint out of them. Next time I've got to put some kind of smock on him!

Behold! The final products! We did as many as I had counter space for, then I cleared things off a bit and let him do one more. Next time I'll have to do these AFTER dinner so I can give him more space and they'll be dry before breakfast. We've got 2 on our fridge and took the middle one to Grandma & Grandpa's house where it's decorating their fridge.


misskate said...

Heh.. so Monkey doesn't like getting his hands dirty huh. Still, that looks like it was fun! I especially liked the last picture, with the car artfully arranged :) Very nice!

Ritsumei said...

Yeah... that arrangement was all me. After Monkey went to bed. That's the only time he'd "allow" me to play with his cars like that, LOL!

misskate said...

Hahaha.. awesome :)

Keeley said...

Oh fabulous! I'll have to try this with the car-obsessed Andrew. =)


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