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22 October 2009

A Picture of "One"

Here is Monkey at his flannel board, making a picture of "one." After we were done with the picture of "one" I started to put away the numbers, planning to let Monkey just play in the felts. He begged to do a picture of "two," so that's what we did! This picture, being the second time we did it, was much easier to do.


Tianna said...

I loved the video. Monkey makes me laugh. That looks like a fun game to play while learning numbers.

Ritsumei said...

We had a good time! As you can see, Monkey knew just what to do but likes to tease, silly boy. The game is actually from the kindergarten text book they use in Mom's classroom, which we're very seriously considering buying, only they have a worksheet. Monkey's too little for worksheets and not coordinated enough for that kind of writing, but as you can see, he's more than ready for the concept!


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