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14 October 2009

Fire Fighters

We went on a short trip this week, and one of the things we did was visit a friend who is a volunteer fire fighter in his "free" time. He and his fire-fighting buddies were kind enough to give Monkey the grand tour.

This included trying on some key pieces of gear. Those hats are heavy! You can't see it, but Daddy is steadying the very large, very heavy hat so that we could get the picture.

*I have since been informed that it's not a hat, it's a helmet. Oops.

When we were done with the firetrucks we went to the other side of their station and had a good look at the ambulances, which was also very interesting.

This morning, when we told Monkey we were coming back home again, this was his reaction:

Monkey: I don't want to go home.

Daddy: What?? Why not?

Money: I want to go to the firemen.


misskate said...

Whee! that looks like fun!!

mormonhermitmom said...

Kids just LOVE those fire engines, don't they!


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