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27 October 2009

Hurray for Thrift Shops!

I went to GoodWill this afternoon, looking for a flannel shirt for Monkey to wear tomorrow when he dresses up as Bob the Builder. We'd found the overalls the other day at a different thrift shop & I'll talk to Daddy tonight about raiding a toolbox for a really big wrench. He's got a real hard hat ($6.29 at Home Despot), and if he feels like carrying it around, he's got a toolbox his Daddy gave him. So he'll make a pretty convincing Bob the Builder. In addition to that flannel shirt, I got him 2 other warm shirts. Hopefully they will fit him the whole winter: last year he outgrew his stuff partway through and I had to buy more. This year I bought bigger.

So, here's what I came home with from GoodWill this afternoon:

*3 warm winter shirts

and books:

*Desert Giant: the world of the Saguaro Cactus
*The Amazing Impossible Erie Canal
*Bob the Builder: Scoop saves the day
*Bob the Builder: Bob saves the porcupines
*Outside and Inside Snakes
*DK Eyewitness Explorers: Human Body
*DK Eyewitness Explorers: Weather
*DK Eyewitness Explorers: Night Sky
*The Kingfisher Young People's Book of Space (Hardcover & practically brand new)
*The History of Railways.


*a magnetic states puzzle

The Kingfisher book & the shirts were more than half of the cost, but it all came to about $24! I'm feeling pretty good about that! I've been so frustrated by library fines lately... maybe eventually I can have my own "library," with NO FINES.


misskate said...

oOOH :) I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of your little Bob the Builder!
Are you and his dad going to be dressing up?

smithtrek said...

Good job finding the good deals at the Goodwill! I love the Goodwill!

Ritsumei said...

No, I think we're not going to... ran out of $$ for costumes.

Keeley said...

AWESOME finds!! That's fabulous. I'm hoping for pictures of Monkey. =)

Ritsumei said...

Oh yes, there WILL be pictures. I'm hoping that we can coax that hard hat onto his head for long enough that he will have it in the pictures. But if not, he'll still be dangerously cute all decked out in his bibs with a tool box and tools.


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