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05 September 2008

Article: Nature Jorunals

From Donna's Journey, an article on Nautre Journals:

Simple things like learning to draw and keeping nature notebooks can increase abilities to observe, increases the ability to pay attention to detail, sharpens the memory, and builds character. Drawing develops character by teaching steady application. Learning to draw and keeping a nature notebook is a record of growth. Viewing the change and the increase in skill can be personally gratifying. Drawing is a skill and can be learned by anyone who can write their name. I feel that if people can give themselves the permission to fail while they are learning, instead of think that if they cannot do it perfectly they cannot do it, I feel we would all learn more.

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Cynthia's Blog said...

Hi,yeah, good point on the canning. I hope it will be okay. I was just at the extension office yesterday too. They were pretty cautious about the extra squash too. I shall prevail!


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