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12 September 2008

Retaking NPR's Candidate Quiz

Keeley recently retook the Candidate Quiz, which matches you up with the Presidential Candidate that you agree with the most. And she got matched with a guy name Bob Barr & wondered, "Who's that?" Then I took the quiz and wondered the same thing.

Here are my most recent scores:

Bob Barr: 15
John McCain: 10
Barak Obama: 2
Ralph Nader: 1

Nader's score surprised me. I didn't think there was anyone that would be a bigger problem than Obama. But, like Keeley, I've never heard of this Bob Barr guy either. So I'm checking him out.

Bob Barr's official website.

He's certainly got a better resume than Obama.

Let's see. He's been involved with some groups that I know a bit about:
*The US House of Representatives,
*the National Rifle Association,
*CNN, and
*Ronald Regan's administration.

His bio also mentions some groups I don't know:
*American Conservative Union
From their website:
The American Conservative Union is the nation's oldest and largest grassroots conservative lobbying organization. ACU's purpose is to communicate and advance the goals and principles of conservatism through one multi-issue, umbrella organization. ACU's Statement of Principles expresses our commitment to a market economy, the doctrine of original intent of the framers of the Constitution, traditional moral values, and a strong national defense.

*The Constitution Project’s Initiative on Liberty and Security
From their website:
Our Liberty and Security Initiative, created in response to the tragic events of September 11, 2001, addresses the importance of preserving civil liberties, even as we battle new forms of terrorism.

Privacy International
From their website:
Privacy International (PI) is a human rights group formed in 1990 as a watchdog on surveillance and privacy invasions by governments and corporations. PI is based in London, England, and has an office in Washington, D.C. We have campaigned across the world to protect people against intrusion by governments and corporations that seek to erode this fragile right. We believe that privacy forms part of the bedrock of freedoms, and our goal has always been to use every means to preserve it.

I'm not sold yet, but it's looking interesting. One thing that I like is that you can see in Mr. Barr's associations that he cares about the Constitution, and more particularly about the original intent of the framers. I'm off to check out the Constitution party guy that I ran across the other day.


Keeley said...

Very interesting!

What did you find out about the constitutional guy?

Ritsumei said...

I haven't actually done the research on him yet. I'm fighting a dental infection, I'm addressing some invitations for my sister's wedding, and I've got another sunday school lesson that suddenly needs to be done, and all I really want to do is take a nap. So I haven't gotten back to politics yet. But I did have some lovely read-aloud time with Monkey this afternoon; we're doing The Secret Garden, and he seems to be enjoying it. It's certainly going better than any of the other read-alouds I've tried, other than the Book of Mormon.

Keeley said...

Ooooh, dental infection. Yeah, sounds good.

Holy cow woman! Schedule yourself a holiday, k? =)

Alright. How in the WORLD do you get your son to sit still while you read him "The Secret Garden"? Dude! I'm lucky to get one excessively short boynton book with the drewmeister!

Ritsumei said...

He sits (read: squirms all over) and reads his own book (or 4) while I read to him. Or he sits in his high chair during snack. Sometimes we read a lot, sometimes we read a page or less. It helps when we both feel icky, which we have been. And it seemed like a better alternative than the television, which is what I usually do when I'm feeling cruddy.

Ritsumei said...

Holiday. Right. I'll get right on that. But thanks for the idea, LOL!! I am ready for the invitations to be done though. And I'm now more than 1/2 way through them, which is clear and discernible progress. And that's encouraging. But once those suckers are done I need to find a babysitter so I can have a few uninterrupted hours of floor time to work on my dress. Ya wanna come over and clean my deck for me? Andy's waaaayyy to busy this week, but the weather's going to be perfect. And the chemicals are much to interesting to my Monkey for me to try doing it. But it's already half done so we really need to finish and get the deck sealed before winter (which looks like it may come early) gets here.

You might say that I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed right now.

Ritsumei said...

Hence the lack of cookies in your mailbox. I'm getting there. I have NOT forgotten. I'm just so busy that it's LAME.

Keeley said...

Ok, yeah, you're an AMAZING mother. I need to throw the TV and computer out the window and read more. I've known this for some time. Maybe someone needs to come do it for me? =)

Oh my good gravy, don't worry about the cookies, woman! Just let your life settle down a little before you worry about that. =) Hope you get some sleep soon....

Ritsumei said...

The pictures help. My edition manages to be both unabridged AND have pictures. Plus, it seems that he likes the story. He looks at the pictures and says "Mary. Eyes." He comments on everything's eyes right now. Honestly, I think it has more to do with my boy than my parenting. We haven't had a read-aloud go this well since he got big enough to move away on his own. This kid is something special.

And the cookies are made now. Monkey helped. I've just gotta get 'em in the mail before I eat them all. Cookies are not my stressors right now: it's all the stuff I have to do that Monkey can't help with. But I got a brother in the ward to do the deck (it's just beautiful!) and I got those invitations done and mailed this evening. So I'm gradually digging out from under my awful pile of things that have to get done.

Keeley said...

Yeah, your young man is rather nifty, I have to say. I really loved having him around. =)

The cookies are made? WOW! How awesome is THAT? How on earth did you manage it? Did you get them in the mail, or did you gobble them up? =D

You go, girl! If you needed those cookies to get you through some of your list, that's fine. If not and you actually sent them off, give yourself a million gold stars. =)

Ritsumei said...

Yep, they got made. I had a friend who washed my deck for me, so I couldn't leave the house, so I made cookies while he did that. Then we started eating. All is not, however, lost, because I have the other half of the dough that still needs to be made up. 'Course, I see from the dates that the dough I speak of is now 5 days old and hence too old to send to friends (and I have no enemies that I know of), so I'll have to try again. You are so patient with me!

Keeley said...

Hahahaha, that's great that you started eating them and now the dough is a bit old. =D ROFL! =D

I think it's important that every now and then you make cookies ostensibly for me but then eat them yourself. I think you should keep this going for several years. It would be pretty funny. =D =D

Patient smatient. Dude, I'm sitting here faffing about on the computer while you're doing five things at once....and, furthermore, you're doing them cheerfully! 'mazin'. =)


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