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11 September 2008

Color Bombs

I got Mudpies to Magnets from the library again. I also picked up More Mudpies to Magnets. Then I started flipping through them. This color bombs thing caught my eye, it's in More Mudpies on page 31. They call it "Floating Rainbows," but I think that color bombs is more descriptive of what's actually going on in this experiment. It was pretty interesting! As with last time, I was surprised by how things went. And, like last time, Monkey was interested in what was going on. We got a new word out of the activity: float. It took almost 4 minutes to get the first "bomb" and, interestingly, the colors didn't all "explode" at the same rate.

And, the food coloring cleaned up off the counter much better than the last time I made a food coloring mess. No lingering colors at all!


Keeley said...

Wow, you are an AWESOME Mom.

Ritsumei said...

It was fun. But I've decided, after watching this video, that part of it is that Monkey is an awesome kid! How many kids can you leave with a completely full jar of water/oil/food coloring right there and not have a mess to clean up?? I did that (though not for very long) several times in the video. I tell ya what though, those Mudpies to Magnets books are the best.

Jeanette said...

That was fun. It was interesting to see you interacting with your son.
I am going to have to look for those Mudpies to Magnets books.

Ritsumei said...

It was TONS of fun. One reason I love these books so much is cuz you don't have to be little to enjoy their books. The directions say that you're supposed to try it before you get the kid involved. I didn't do that. The directions also say that you can siphon off the water & reuse the oil. Very cool, very educational. I didn't do that either. I scooped the oil out with a measuring scoop and we did it again with red and yellow later. It was pretty. I like pretty. I don't make brown anymore!

I must ask though: Interesting. It can be such a loaded word. What do you mean?


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