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07 September 2008

Waited Long Enough

We had some great vacations this summer and I've barely posted any of the pictures. So I think that I've waited long enough and I'm going to post a few from Salt Lake City tonight.


Keeley said...

Haha, awesome pictures! =)

Martin and Jessica said...

Guess what arrived in the mail? The PIZZA!! Hooray for awesome tutorials and contests! The pizza looked cool on the computer...it is even better in person! I wonder how many I'll be making!?


Ritsumei said...

Thanks Keeley. We took one of my brother's friends with us. He met her before he left on his mission, and she's just wonderful. I think she took some great pictures!!

Jessica, I'm so glad that you like it! I've got some chocolate chip cookies that I've been working on (and there will likely be another give-away) but I want to see if I can't get more of the cookies done on the sewing machine, rather than all by hand. It looks cool to do it by hand, but it's ever so much more efficient to do it on the machine. In my world, efficient matters. Plus, doing a tutorial takes a nice long time. I haven't had the chunk of time that I'd need to do it. But I've got chocolate chip cookies and bananas in the works.


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