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27 September 2008

Wanna Have a Party?

Looking at this birthday party makes me want to have a party for little kids. Just because it would be fun.

Of course, the birthday princess had a crown. Mom did one for the Prince a while before, they're both pretty cute. The princess post includes a tutorial for the crown. I should make one of these and borrow one of those capes... the I'd have myself a little King!

The reason that the party makes me want to host one (not that I have time to do so; it would just be tons of fun!) is it was a MONSTER party. What's not to love!?! Juicy Bits shows how she got ready for the party: favors, pre-made ice cream sundays, Monster games with Monster prizes, the works. It just looks like so much fun! She's even got little monsters to give away.

Then she did a post about how the actual party went and it looks like they all had a blast.


Keeley said...

Looks fantabulous - but oh my good gravy, all that work! What an amazing Mom, and what blessed children. =)

My children are lucky to get pin the tail on the donkey.... =D

Ritsumei said...

Yeah, that does look like a lot of work. Otherwise, I'd schedule one right away. It looks like a blast. And monsters. What a cool theme for a girl's party!!


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