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26 June 2009

Indoor Play

It's been painfully hot around here the past couple of days, so when Monkey asked to go to a park, we went to the "mall park." That is, we went to the mall and played on the equipment that they have in the food court.


Tricia said...

One way to stay cool. We are off to spend the day in Amish country. Visiting, getting milk, and some plain ole fun.

Jeannetta said...

Smart idea! AC and a good book, couldn't get much better!

Ritsumei said...

That sounds like fun, Trish.

It was a good time, though he wanted active participation from both Andy & I: no book reading for us! Sadly, we couldn't go down the slides with him because the sign said no adults on the equipment. It was a strange sort of springy material; I don't think it would have liked having adults on it all the time. But Monkey had a blast anyway, and we found ways to play without sliding!


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