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14 June 2009

Visiting a Farm

A friend of mine has some horses, and one of them recently foaled. We went out for a visit! It was lots of fun to see the wobbly little thing! He was still a little shy: no touching for us. But that was ok. We had fun looking.

They are such good-looking horses! Baby & Mama make quite the pretty picture, I thought.

The goat, on the other hand, was not nearly so shy as the horses were. It tried nibbling on Monkey's fingers (after Monkey saw that I still have finger when the goat got finished with me), and found them delicious. We also stopped and said hello to the chickens, which is where Monkey's friend A. got the egg she's carrying. Monkey didn't seem as interested in them as the goats and horses, and I didn't have any pictures that turned out at all, so that little egg is all you get of those chickens! At least, for this visit it is.

Monkey's too little for regular "notebooking" but we definitely tucked a few of these pictures into his Nature Book, which he was pleased to show to Daddy when he got back from Japan!


misskate said...

I always think it's hilarious when kids aren't interesting in *touching* interesting critters. I thought that last pic (where monkey is touching the goat with two whole fingers) perfectly captured that sentiment :) Very cute!

PS. I tagged you, by the way, in my latest blog post :)

Ritsumei said...

Yes! It was pretty funny. And it's not that he wasn't interested; he just didn't feel the need to touch. The same thing with the frog I posted a couple days ago. And the worms before that. Nice to look at; no need to touch. Funny kid.


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