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17 June 2009

Old Pictures

We took a trip to the local children's museum a while back. Guess it's last year now! Yikes. Maybe we should do that again. It was certainly fun enough to do more than once! Plus, he's more than a year older; there would be more that was interesting for him.

This is more from the children's museum last year. I took about a million pictures of him playing with the golf balls. He stayed there for a very long time.

We were doing Green Eggs & Ham for Dr. Seuss's birthday. We ought to do it again; Monkey loves the book and would appreciate it a lot more now!

Here's my big question though: he looks so little in these pictures, all taken March 2008. When did he grow so much???


Tricia said...

Our favorite place. Wish we could go more often.

Tianna said...

He does look so little in these pictures. Little Monkey growing up.


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