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21 June 2009

Mission Call!

My brother, Stachelbeere, has his mission call! He will be serving in the Marshall Islands Majuro Mission ... English speaking, more or less. Apparently English is the official language, but most of the folks there are not really fluent. Apparently there is also quite a bit of Japanese and a variety of native languages. It's a relatively new mission - just organized in 2006. Looks like paradise! Today, their weather is warm: 96F, with 76% humidity.


misskate said...

Oh man.. I must admit I'm just a little tempted to fly out to meet him when he gets off his mission in two years... Haha.

And while I'm completely aware that that's really not an option in reality.. I have imagined doing it all the same - it's just so beautiful!!!!

Ritsumei said...

WHY is it not an option? It's not that much different than going to Japan, which I've done, or New Zealand, which my friends have done. Continental is the only carrier that goes out there (Andy looked it up), and the arrangements are a little bit more fussy to make, but it CAN be done. Personally, I think it'd be a blast!

Dorine said...

that does sound like fun. I am looking forward to some beautiful pictures!! Any suggestions on an enexpensive camera that does not do movies?

Ritsumei said...

That doesn't do movies? Is this a mission requirement? I have no idea off the top of my head. I think for that I'd go in to the store & ask them about it, then choose the best of what's available. That may be hard to find. I've been amazed at how many cameras have it recently.


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