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13 June 2009


They look so pretty, but I haven't tasted them yet. We're taking them to some friends' house to eat while we do show-and-tell with the stuff that Andy brought back from his recent trip to Japan. If they taste as good as they look, I'll post the recipe!


Jeannetta said...

Well they LOOK fabulous! Let us know :)

misskate said...

Mmmmmm... they do look yummy! Hope they taste fabulous too :)

Ritsumei said...

They were a little disappointing: a bit dry. So I'll have to try again. Next time I think I'll also put fudgy frosting on. I found out that Andy doesn't like powdered sugar enough that he didn't even want to try them. Which turned out OK because I was not impressed with myself at all. They looked much better than they tasted.

Keeley said...

Oh yum! What a pity they were a bit dry. Maybe applesauce or something would moisten them?

They looked amazing. =)

Ritsumei said...

Keeley!! So good to "see" you!

Yes, it is a pity that they were dry. But I was concerned from the outset: the batter just didn't look quite right, hence my hesitation. However, I think they have good potential, so I'll probably make them again soon. Plus, the recipe only makes 8, so I can make them and not feel like I'm destroying a whole week of weight-loss efforts! 8 is a reasonable size!


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