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29 August 2008

Do Your Kids Have a Favorite?

I'm speaking on Family Home Evening this Sunday, and I'm looking for some examples of FHEs that kids like. Do you guys mind asking your kids what's their favorite thing to do for FHE & leaving it for me in my comments? I'd really appreciate it!


Keeley said...

Andrew's favourite thing to do: Sing popcorn popping, identify The Saviour, Joseph Smith and the Prophet.

Emily and Ben's favourite thing: The Snack.

Other favourite thing: Listing accomplishments and receiving the "Seal of Approval" or "Round of Applause" or "Stamp of Approval" or whatever.

Everyone's favourite thing: Having a FHE that's not prolonged, but gets the message across quickly before Andrew goes nuts.

Anne Bradshaw said...

I don't know you, but I enjoyed visiting your blog! Great to see you hold family home evenings. Way to go!

I'm a huge FHE fan and have an FHE group on the new and safe LDS Ladies Room at http://www.ourladiesroom.com/ if you want to check it out. There may even be something on there already that will help your talk.

I also have a book give-away contest on my blog at the moment :-)


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