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23 August 2008

My Bridesmaid Dress

Kate's getting married, and I get to stand up with her. This is cool. I'm really looking forward to it. Less so the part where I "get" to do that pesky toast, but we'll get through it! Being far from a "Bridezilla," Kate has given us a lot of leeway in what we wear. Sort of different, but similar theme going on. Short sleeves, black, A-line dresses. Tea length. I headed to the fabric store, rather than to a department store because the idea of shopping for something like that gave me a stomach ache. But I can sew, so I don't have to shop. Yay!

This is the pattern I selected. It's obviously got to be shortened some. My dress will look a lot like the black one, though I'll likely be following the red dress's pattern more closely. I like this dress well enough that when the wedding is over I'll probably use this pattern again (with still more alterations) to make a new temple dress.

Nothing is ever easy, and this dress is no exception to that rule: I am still larger than the sizes give in the package. Burda Style to the rescue! They have instructions for increasing the size of a pattern. I'll be having a practice run at it with some clearance fabric that I bought. And if I decide that I need it, Sew Mama Sew has full bust adjustment instructions. I think that, while challenging, this will be a do-able project!


misskate said...

Oooh.. I like it! I think the sleeves are great :) I think you'll look wonderful!

Ritsumei said...

Glad you like it! That makes me happy. The sleeves in the picture are slightly sheer, & I will, for obvious reasons have to do something a bit different, but other than making it shorter (and making it FIT me) I'm not planning any alterations. Are you still OK with no yellow tank? I could possibly add a sunshine yellow sash/belt if you want, so that I match the other girls. Or I could just leave it like it is.... you tell me what you think.

Kristy said...

Great pattern! Could you share the pattern number? It looks like a regency dress from a Jane Austen novel. I've always wanted to sew one for myself. Thanks!

Ritsumei said...

Sure! I actually thought that the pattern number was on the picture. Guess I wasn't paying that much attention. It's 3954. This pattern doesn't go to very large sizes: only an 18. But I need about a 22, even though I wear size 16 at the stores. Hence the links to the alteration information. Good luck & Happy sewing!


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