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29 August 2008

Stuff That's Gotta Get Done

Prepare Sunday School lesson
Call about the broken organ
Prepare talk on Family Home Evening
Set up Sunday Scripture
Make bread Buy good bread
Pack jelly, cake stand, & server from punch bowl
Make frosting
Buy paint brush for spreading frosting
Decorate cookies
Make chocolate chip cookies
Pack cookies to send to Keeley
Pack paper cutter & punches
Pick ripe stuff in garden
Bathe Monkey
Pack Monkey gear for trip to Nana & Grandpa's
Finish baking daisy cookies
Assemble the shower prizes
Call John
Get 3rd shower game
Make sure a camera card is empty & get batteries recharged
Print engagement pictures Printer's not working
Wrap & pack Kate's gift
Take in & finish sewing my shirt
Register for the photography class Do it Monday
Make disk of Kate & John's pictures for Dad
Make chocolate dipped strawberries
Water gardens

This is a LOT to get done. Do you think that it would work to photocopy myself?? But Kate's so excited, I'm enjoying doing it and thinking about how much she's enjoying this.


Keeley said...

Wait....you're doing a shower on Saturday and giving a talk on Sunday?

Ritsumei said...

Uh... yeah. And it's my day to play the organ too. Plus there's Sunday School. I'm feeling a bit like a 1-woman show this weekend. Fortunately, they specifically said that they want practical how-tos in the FHE talk, so I don't need to do tons of research other than some polling of kids I run into between when they asked & when I do it. So that's not so bad. Plus, I checked out a bunch of FHE quotes on the blog a bit ago, so I figure that I'll look through those first. Probably Sunday morning. I hate to plan on doing that, but as you can see, I'm a bit swamped this week.

Keeley said...

Hold up there....wait...am I understanding this correctly:

Wedding shower
Teaching Sunday School


Ritsumei said...

Errr.... Yes. You got it right.

Except that you missed the organ. It's my week to play the organ this week. I'll be playing the piano this time.

Keeley said...

Dude! Someone give you a medal!

Did you survive? =)


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