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21 August 2008


Sci-Fi just announced that they're canceling Stargate Atlantis! Boooooo! Whoever made this decision ought to be fired. That's basically the only show I watch in a week (because I can't seem to remember that I'd like to watch Eureka, as it's on Tuesday and Friday has been our "Stargate Date" for years now. They talk about how the "Stargate franchise is as strong as it has ever been," but it's not going to stay that way if they keep making stupid cancellation decisions! Stargate is the whole reason that we have cable. I guess that will be some money back in our budget after January. Bummer.


Keeley said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry about that. Well. Maybe you can use your cable money to buy all the Stargate episodes that they've put on DVD? =)

jamie in rose cottage said...

I used to watch that show, too, and I liked it.

Ritsumei said...

We're gonna have to do something cuz they don't seem to be budging.


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