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20 August 2008

A Give Away!

UPDATE: I the winner is announced here!

Up for grabs is a felt pizza! I recently made a tutorial for these, but for those who don't want to make one, I'm giving one away.

1. Leave ONE comment telling me what is your favorite picture book is.

2.I will have Monkey draw a name.

3. Comments must be left by Friday 22 August at 10:00 PM central time.

4. I will announce the winner Saturday


Jeanette said...

Ooh...ohh...ooh! Pick my name!!
I saw this the other night and thought it was so cool.
My favorite picture book? That is difficult to pick. I just asked my son and he started listing off books we picked up from the library yesterday. The book he requests to be read the most, and the one he talks the most about, is The Very Hungary Caterpillar. There are two newer books out that I've enjoyed reading to my kids, Ladybug Girl and In a Blue Room.

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Some of my children's favorite picture books are also the simplest ones - The Carrot Seed and Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Right not my favorite to read to the girls is Pinkalicious.

Martin and Jessica said...

Hmm....it's hard to choose one favorite. Sandra Boynton's books are popular here at my house, but Jan Brett's "The Mitten" is hard to top. The illustrations are amazing...they even have little "lead in pictures" to lead in to the next page and remind you of what was on the previous page.

Your tutorial is wonderful!


JennyFife said...

Yahoo! One of our favorite picture books has been "Guess How Much I Love You" by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jeram.

Keeley said...

Oooh! Me, me! =)

1. My favourite picture book has to be "The Giant Jam Sandwich". But if you're asking what Andrew likes it's:
"Where's My Cow?" because the child has as warped a sense of humour as his mother. Either that or any of the Boynton books or Wall-e.

Actually, it's hard to decide. There's so many wonderful books...

2. Thank you, Monkey. Pick me! =) I gave you spaghetti, remember? =)

3. Excellent! I am on time.

4. Can't wait. =D

Anne Chovies said...

WEll, I'm not really entering the contest but I do have a favorite picture book. I have always liked Jamberry, by Bruce Degen. Even tho I don't really like dancing, that book has always made me feel like I could.

Ritsumei said...

Mmmm.... Monkey loves the Hungry Caterpillar too. I've read the Purple Crayon (though not for a long time). I definitely agree, the Mitten is beautiful! I think that our copy of Guess How Much I Love You is upstairs by the bed right now. It has a habit of falling between the bed & the wall and I'm probably about due to fish it out again. Sandra Boynton is always entertaining. I like "But Not the Hippopotamus," and Monkey likes me to sing him "Snuggle Puppy" because I change the words to sing about my Monkey. And Jamberry has been one of my favorites for a long time: it was an early addition to our collection. But I'm not familiar with several of these others. I sense a library trip coming on!

Glad you like the tutorial Jessica! I'm hoping to put up a couple more here pretty soon. I've got the banana figured out and I'm working on grapes & I'm thinking about slices of bread & strawberries. Monkey would love some strawberries. But those tutorials are pretty involved to make, so I haven't done another yet.

Sadie said...

Favorite picture book?? I have a lot....The Very Hungry Caterpillar is up there with all my boys, most of the Eric Carle ones would be on their lists.

The felt pizza is so cute....I might try if I had felt around here....but winning one would be easier :)

misskate said...

Like Anne Chovies, I'm not really wanting to enter but I really like Alexandra Day's "Carl the Dog" books. While there are a few words here and there, primarily the books are composed of the most beautiful and expressive pictures of Carl the dog doing the most random things :)


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