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22 August 2008

Low-cal Quiche

Cocoa posted a quiche recipe not too long ago, and I made it for dinner. Only I didn't have any of the breakfast meats that she suggests and I did have a whole lot of squash that needed to be used up. It was yummy.
We decided to do the hashbrown crust, but my old cheese grater had died. Andy was kind enough to get me a new one, and it's great!

The new grater shredded our baked potatoes most beautifully, and since it's got a little gizmo to keep your fingers out of the way Monkey was able to shred some of the potatoes.

The potatoes pressed into the pie plate nicely.

We made the scrambled egg stuff.

And used an onion we grew ourselves: one of the first of the season!

I added black olives to my onion & its greens for the first cup of veggies.

I added some cooked summer squash for the second cup of veggies (instead of meat). Then I forgot the cheese and had to pull the quiche out of the oven quick to add the cheese. It worked out though.

I thought it was yummy! And as an added bonus, it was about 200 calories for 1/8 of the quiche. Not too bad at all!


misskate said...

Mmmmmmmmm ... your pictures are making me hungry :) Looks good!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

If I had my way we'd have all veggies every time but Mr. FR loves meat so we always add it. Your quiche turned out lovely!

Ritsumei said...

It was yummy, although it wasn't the biggest crowd-pleaser I've made this year. Andy's not really into the breakfast foods, and this is sort of a breakfast casserole trying to grow up into dinner. He was pretty suspicious from the time that I mentioned that I was going to try the recipe. And Monkey? Well, he's 2. It was the first time he'd seen it. 'Nuf said. It did go over much better when I offered it to him as left-overs though, so maybe there's hope.


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