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10 September 2007

Doing Preschool

We did some reading today, which was pretty interesting. We're getting to the part where we never seem to finish a book because he likes to grab them and do it himself, and I don't yet have all of our books memorized. I'm sure, based on what I hear from other moms, that this will come in time. We read Rainforest, the super cute Mommy Mine, and the Monkey tried to eat his bear book, which I then took away. We also hit But Not the Hippopotamus, which is on our list this week, but unfortunately I had to return the hummingbird book before the week was done. It was overdue and I owe so much in fines again that I'm sure the librarians aren't speaking to me. Sometimes I wonder if it's really worth it to do the library. Most of the time I'm fine, but every now and then I mess up spectacularly, and this is one of those times.

Anyway. We did some finger painting the other day, and now it's dry so I need to decide which relatives I haven't sent anything to for a while & mail it off. I wish I'd gotten some pictures of him before I put him in the shower this time: he was such a mess!


Dana said...

Just what preschool is supposed to be about. Well, you probably could get away without the library fines, but I'm sure there is educational value in that somewhere. I think I'm approaching my limit again. : (

Keeley said...

I love reading your posts - it reminds me that I'm an appalling teacher to my toddler. He learns by leap frog and preschool prep. I need to read to the little sausage a bit more.

I make a set day to go to the library every week. I keep a dedicated library bag by the door. Often it's actually hanging on the door knob all week, but I'm sure that will damage the mechanism in time, especially when the books are heavy.

Anyway, we only get out one or two books each, otherwise lose track of them. The books live in the bag unless someone's reading it at that moment. And no matter what...unless it's a special occasion...the books go back the next week.

I set up this system because my fines were so ridiculous I might as well have bought the dang books.

Another system that might work is to have a book of the week and just buy it. That's a whole lot less hassle, and it might just be more economical compared to the hideous fines.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Oh! Oh! But Not the Hippopotamus is my favorite children's picture book ever!

You have impeccable taste.

Ritsumei said...

Yep, it's tons of fun. Keeley - I'll bet your bigs would love to do some fingerpainting too. Or you could give them something a bit more "sophisticated," but if they're perfectionists then fingerpaints might even be more fun...


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