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27 September 2007

Phases of the Moon: Day 2

Weather Underground says that today's moon is still a full moon, and that 97% of the moon's surface is illuminated. Huh. Here I'd always thought that a full moon was a one-night Event. But they do have a spiffy star chart that you can play with to make it show all sorts of different things. It says that the moon rose at 6:55 this evening. Which would explain why I couldn't find it when I was looking for it before that. One thing I'd like to learn about the moon is when it's going to be in the sky. For instance, you often see the moon up there during the day time. Does that ever happen when it's a full moon? Or are full moons always at night? Gonna have to look around and see what I can learn about the moon in the next few days. I'll post any good links that I come up with. And maybe tomorrow I'll try the telescope again. Although it's supposed to be cloudy for the next 3 days, and then raining after that for 2 more days, so hopefully I'll be able to see the moon.

1 comment:

dynamitt said...

wow, I always though full moon was a one night ting too. Thanx for teaching me something new :)


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