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02 September 2007

Photo Hunt: Dirty

Theme: Dirty

We got a sitter went junkyard diving the other day. It was nice and dirty. I love junkyard pictures; they just have so many unusual shapes & views. This time as we left I was struck by how similar the highway and the junkyard are. Except that the highway isn't sorted into Pontiacs and Dodge and what have you.

Here are some of my favorites from this time:


Anonymous said...

All great photos. I wonder what the history is behind stuff like that. Who drove that, why did it get dumped at the junkyard? etc. Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

Julie said...

sure dirty

Paulie said...

Good choices for this theme.

Come and see mine.

changeiam said...

Always love going to the junkyard. Sometimes you might find something really useful. Here's mine

Mama Bear June said...

Dirty mess!
Photo Hunters

Crystal said...

Great photos, and interesting too.

Thanks for stopping by!


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