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17 September 2007

Thoughts on Today

So, I'd wanted to do something for Constitution Day today, but what do you do with a 1 year old? Especially since I didn't remember until the last minute. That's something that should have been in my planner. I'm going to have to put it in there so that I can plan it a little bit next week.

Right. So, we tried reading several times today, but we didn't actually make it through the books, but we tried Green Eggs and Ham and Three Little Javelinas.I actually can't remember the last time that we got all the way through a book. I suppose that it's still good to try, so we keep on trying.

We also played with his abacus today. He likes to spin the beads on the wires. And step on it. Stomping is always a fun activity, particularly when you can reach the object with feet not hands. He got in trouble the other day with the cat when he stomped her tail. Poor kitty. Poor boy. But today I showed him again 1 - 2 - 3. Move to the next wire. 1 - 2 - 3. Move to the next wire. 1 - 2 - 3. Wap. Spin. Move a single bead. Something seems to be working here!

And, of course, we played the piano. Mostly he did. I've got to make time to practice myself again if I want to play in the recital next week. I'm close, but I've still got a lot to go: the song's not memorized yet, and it's still got some rough spots. Like, the last 2 pages. But my piano kids are doing well. Now that we moved the recital back because several of the bigger kids did a rotten job of practicing this summer, looks like most or all of them are going to pull off performing pretty well. I'm a little frustrated, but dealing well. I think we're going to do something a bit more low-key around Christmas time: been discussing possibly going to a nursing home with one of my piano Moms, and next time if they're not ready they're just not going to play. It'll be good for them, I think, to miss out. But to do that sort of consequence this time I would have had to cancel the whole thing, which would not have been fair to the little kids.

Wish us well tonight: the past several have been just fine, until about 3-4AM, and then he wakes up and just screams. Well, really he falls asleep, but he's got radar or something, and can tell when I try to leave the room, so then he cries again. A lot. So I put him back to sleep. And then I try to leave. Not so much in the sleeping department going on here! (Ask me why I'm blogging right now, rather than sleeping. I really couldn't tell you.)


Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Sounds like life with a baby with all its ups and downs. I'm sure when your little sweetheart wraps his arms around your neck and plants a kiss on you . . . it makes it all worthwhile.

And yes, keep reading. President Hinckley gave a great talk in the 90's about effecting change in the home that turn society around within a generation or two. One of those things was reading good books. I do believe Green Eggs and Ham qualifies.

Also, in reading to your child it increases his opportunities for life in so many ways we will never really know all of them.

Okay, off my soapbox now. I travel around the nation speaking on literacy, literature and the strength it brings to our homes and lives. Hit a hot button there.

Ritsumei said...

Yeah, you're right. And we actually made it through several books today: I started reading One Duck Stuck, and when he stole it from me I started The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and then he took that one too, so I grabbed & finished One Duck Stuck. I eventually made it through both The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Mama, Do You Love me. It's just nice to finish a book every once in a while, and we hadn't done that for a bit. You wouldn't happen to have that talk, would you? Sounds like an interesting read.


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