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18 September 2007

Say Cheese!!

So, this afternoon, I'm trying to get the Monkey to sign for me. I've been trying to get him to use signs to ask for, well, anything. The only sign he really uses is "milk," and that only while he's actually nursing. We've worked on more, and apple, and kitty, and I had high hopes for that, because he actually says both "cat" and "kitty" and I thought that since there's such an obvious interest there.... then again maybe not. So here I am working on getting him to say "cheese." Give him a cube of cheese, show him the sign. He eats it & looks at me for more.

Show the sign and "Say cheese!"

He eats the cheese. Wants more.

Show the sign, help him make the sign.

He looks at me.

"Say cheese!"


Okaaay then. Who needs to sign when you can SPEAK?

I gave him the cheese. =D


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